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Nas Announces New Years Eve Show

Nas is going to start our 2013 off by performing at NYC’s Radio Music Hall onĀ DecemberĀ 31st. Tickets will go on sale this friday, 9/14. Check his tweet below…

Video: Nas Performing “Daughters” At The BMU Urban Awards

Last night at the BMU Urban Awards Nas performed “Daughters” off his newly released album Life is Good.

Video: Nas – “Bye Baby”

Nas releases the visuals for “Bye Baby” probably the deepest track on “Life is Good.” Love this song, watch the video.

Video: Nas “Hennessey VS.” Performance

Nas was in NYC this night but he went down to D.C. to perform, this was sponsored by “Hennessey VS.”

Nas – “Bye Baby” (Trailer)

Here’s the trailer for Nas’ 4th music video “Bye Baby.”

Video: Nas Denies Using Ghostwriters

Apparently there was speculation that Nas actually is using Ghostwriters currently and used them on his album “Untitled.” I figured he would deny, his lyrics don’t sound like he had someone else writing them.

Nas – “The Don” (Trailer)

Nas Drops The Trailer For “The Don” Today And You CAN’T Say This Trailer Isn’t Dope. I Can’t Wait For The Full Music Video And I Can’t Wait For The Album. Nas Is The Best To Do It!